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Circular Sawmills, Handset

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
14198 Alabama 395 Corley, handset, right hand, all new wood, 3 headblocks, 12' carriage, includes two 52" insert tooth headsaws, upgraded to newer bearings, all steel 2x16" 3-saw edger, everything run by 371 Detroit diesel power with V-belt pulleys, 1900 hours on the power unit. Includes enough extra parts and components to build a second sawmill.
8118 British Columbia Customized circular sawmill, right, hand, handset, heavy steel beam construction w/zigzag bracing, 3 headblocks, 14' carriage with 36" opening, two hydraulic log turners, foot receder, hydraulic outfeed rollcase, live slab belt, 335 Cummins diesel power, accepts 42"-50" headsaws. Producing at least 10,000 bf daily, more with a larger crew. Designed to never get out of alignment. Transportable by skid winch to lowboy.
16423 Illinois Circular sawmill, right hand, handset, wood husk and track frame, 52" inserted tooth headsaws, 3 headblocks, 14' carriage. Does not include power. $2,500.00
16282 Illinois Meadows #1 with choice of 2 headblock, 3 headblock, or 4 headblock carriage. All steel. Right hand mill. 56" head saw. Belt driven vertical edger. Hydraulic. New hoses. Includes log turner, log deck, live out feed rollers. Cut logs 18' length. No power. $17,000.00
14964 Illinois TimberKing M-14, 3 headblocks, 10' carriage, powered by Jeep 258 6-cylinder gas engine with automatic clutch and throttle $4,000.00
8740 Indiana Enterprise circular sawmill, completely rebuilt, handset, left hand, 3 headblocks, 16' carriage, 56" and 54" headsaws. Includes belts, pulleys, extra teeth, grinder, extra I-beams and parts, 50 HP 3-phase power. $4,000.00
15977 Kentucky 215 Tyrone Berry carriage drive for end of track for cable drum. $3,300.00
15976 Kentucky #2 Meadows with air dogs and air receder, belt drive for carriage, 15' carriage, 4 headblocks, no power $5,000.00
12861 Maryland Foley-Belsaw, 2 headblocks, 10' carriage, 48" inserted tooth saw, PTO attachment. $2,000.00
11273 Maryland American #1, portable on single axle trailer, right hand, handset, 3 headblocks, 10' carriage and husk, everything on reinforced double all steel frame I-beam and tubing, 54" and 48" headsaws, 2-strand 12' gravity infeed deck, 20' of live outfeed rollers built on the mill, sawdust blower, 671 Detroit power on lineshaft off Diamond Rio truck, hand filer, extra teeth, tooth changing tools. Includes Frick 4"x24" 2-saw edger. Can see in operation. Will sell for $6,000.00 for the sawmill and edger without ... $8,000.00

Minnesota 0 Frick, all steel with 15', 4 head block carriage and 45' track, misc items that go with this mill. $8,500.00

Missouri 0 Frick Portable, all steel. Right hand setworks, 16' carriage, 50" saw blade, 3 head blocks, capacity 20' X 20", has drag chain outfit. Includes Frick Edger with 2 blades, 120 HP Diesel power unit with clutch and skid mounted, and blower. $15,500.00
14932 New Hampshire 1996 LaneTech #0-30, all steel, handset, right hand, 2 headblocks, 10' carriage, Glover feedworks, foot receder, two sawdust blower, 48" inserted tooth headsaw, excellent condition. Everything powered by 100 HP 3-phase power unit. $6,500.00
13000 New Hampshire Lane circular sawmill, right hand, topsaw, steel husk frame, 16" wood carriage, 3 headblocks, two 52" hardwood and softwood blades, 2 sawdust blowers, transfers and decking, Lane 2"x18" 2-saw edger, Cat D8800 Cat power unit with Pony motor. Disassembled and ready for shipping. $11,500.00
2168 New Jersey American #2 circular sawmill, right hand, handset, portable on 40' flatbed trailer, 3 headblocks, 12' carriage, two 48" headsaws, Ford V-8 330 gas engine. $4,500.00
6229 New York Lane #2, LH, log turner, Glover carriage feed, cast iron husk, 7 HB, 4 dogs plus Sawyer's Favorite, 18' carriage, 52" saw, 40" topsaw, extra saws, 13000 Cat, Lane 4x36 2 saw edger, overhead rosser, 16' end trim, sawdust blower. $12,500.00
15003 New York Lane #1, wood in fair condition on husk, Babbitt bearings in good condition, includes setworks, track and rollers, 12" flat belt pulley, 4 headblocks, 3 tapers. No carriage, blade or power. $1,150.00
1947 North Carolina 1939 440 Corley, handset, all steel, 4 headblocks, 12' carriage, two 56" headsaws, Mellott chain type log turner, all new roller bearings, International UD-16 diesel engine. Offers considered. $6,000.00
16204 Ohio Enterprise Model 21. Handset - Right Hand, 2 Man Mill. 16' Wood Carriage and Wood Husk (original). 3 Headblocks. Flat belt drive. Cuts logs 22' long. Has babbit bearings. No power. $5,000.00
15833 Ohio Portable 01 Frick Sawmill. All steel with 3 headblock 16 ' carriage. Right hand. 42 insert tooth blade and extra teeth. 1 Jockey and 1 homemade grinder. Also extra bearing for mandrel and some other extras. Everything is in fair condition. $10,000.00
15669 Ohio 00 Frick, handset, right hand, portable on truck wheels,3-headblocks, 12' carriage, wooden carriage frame, 54" headsaw, half-moon log turner, foot receder, sawdust blower with some piping, live outfeed conveyor, five v-belts, 471 Detroit power unit, 250 gal. fuel tank. $22,000.00
14603 Oregon American #1, all steel, handset, right hand, portable on 4-wheel axle, 3 headblocks, 14' American #1 carriage, two 8' track extensions for 47' of track, updated to all newer bearings, some extra components and parts, 52", 56", two 60" inserted tooth headsaws. Sprockets and gearbox already installed if you want to add an outfeed conveyor. 671 GMC diesel power with Rockford clutch, runs fine.
16403 Pennsylvania 00" Frick sawmill on wood frames. Mill is in good condition. The husk and carriage frames are solid. Carriage is 20' in two 10' sections equip with 4 head blocks, hand tapers, hand dogs, and a model B set works with power receder. Husk is equip with a 2 3/16" mandrel, 3 mandrel bearings, and a 4 3/4" saw collar. The track and ways are include. Way frames are 95% solid, slight deterioration of wood at the ends of the way frames. $4,995.00
16377 Pennsylvania 00 Frick Right Hand Handset. 10' Carriage. 3 Headblocks. Capacity 12' - 14' X 36". Produces approx. 3000 bf/day with 2 operators. All wood with wood husk and wooden track (wood needs to be replaced). Includes 671 Detroit engine, 150 gal fuel tank. Does not include cable drum and blade. $3,500.00
15463 Pennsylvania 1920's 00 Frick, handset, right hand, wood husk, new wood on carriage and track, 3 headblocks, 15' carriage, 48" and 52" inserted tooth headsaws with hand grinder and swage and insert tools, sawdust blower, 5' and 10' roller beds Includes 4"x27" Frick 2-saw edger, needs some work. Everything powered by 230 Cummins diesel power, 220 HP, still in truck frame with transmission, short drive shaft, and 250 gallon oil tank. Also includes 7000 lb log trailer 21' long X 6'-2" wide. $11,900.00
15024 Pennsylvania Foley-Belsaw M-14, 2 headblocks, 10' carriage, 40" inserted tooth headsaw, includes Belsaw tooth grinder and PTO attachment. $2,250.00
7995 Saskatchewan Watrus, LH, handset, all steel, 3 headblock, 15' carriage, two 50" headsaws, 36" topsaw, 29' live outfeed belt, sawdust blower, grinder. Coutts 4"x36" gang edger. All hydraulic and belt driven by 871 Detroit. Also includes 2 trim saws and misc. parts. $22,000.00
16389 Texas Foley Belsaw Mark 3. 12' carriage. Capacity 14' X 14.5". 2 head blocks, 40" inserted tooth blade. No power. Blade rehammered to match PTO tractor rpm. $1,500.00
16250 West Virginia 00 Frick with 3 headblocks, metal track, wood saw box and wood carriage. Sawdust blower, Log turner. 14' Carriage. 52" and 54" blade. Capacity is 16' X 24". Has rollers off of saw box. Front of mill is reinforced with metal. Power-Deutz 6 cylinder 230 HP diesel in good condition. $7,500.00
16157 Wisconsin Frick right hand handset, 3 headblocks, no power, steel frame, 14' carriage, capacity is 25" x 20', has 1 new 52" blade and 1 used 54" blade. No hydraulics or electric. $7,000.00

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